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Same as all years. The same day of the year, the same people he saw every time, the same things that were always given. The man of black cruised trough a dark hallway of the mansion as he saw several chocolate wrappings around the floor, along with a heart shaped balloon filled with helium floating barely. It levitated weakly from the ground a foot away from the ceiling, a string still attached to it.

"Idiots...", he muttered grabbing the thread, pulling the balloon to the floor and stepping on it with enough strength to pop it with a rather harsh sound. He didn't like sound at all actually, but seeing that shape was enough to turn him into a beast, at least his form of a beast. Valentine's Day, such a useless holiday it was, the day had passed like nothing. Zeito had been sitting in his room in his desk, writing the day away.

Looking up, he saw the candy wrappers, oh sweets. He hated everything sweet, everything nice. If it wasn't sour, he wouldn't eat it. Spicy would be acceptable in some cases, having to share a room with Akaito once, he grew used to things burning inside his mouth.

He placed his hands inside his coat, and continued walking. The vocaloid had reached a lighter hallway, the one where his room rested. Zeito looked at the door, sighed, and opened it. Quickly walking in and closing it with slight strength, he took his scarf off, his only scarf, the one that had nurtured him for so many years, even the terrible abusive ones that were his childhood.

A tear drop fell from his eye, no, not this again. He had feared this would happen, it would every time this horrible day. Zeito took his red, tattered scarf to his face as it got damper and damper. Small weeps could be heard from him as he sniffed loudly, taking the fabric away from his face and looking harshly at a nearby mirror. He stared at it for a long while. Who was that? That horrible person in that mirror, he should die shouldn't he?

Zeito glared at the mirror, still tearing and sniffing. He placed a hand in his pocket and flung his favored toy to the mirror, his yo-yo, breaking the reflection into shards that fell to the floor. He hated himself, no, he hated everything. The day that was tomorrow, day of "love" and "friendship". It should have never came. He faceplanted a pillow on his bed, the kind of pain that can't be forgotten was ruling over him. The pain of not being wanted. No, he didn't want to be wanted, never. Zeito thought, he could live without people, even happier in fact. Grabbing the sheets of his black bed tightly, he muttered "... Death, to them all...".

((Happy late Valentine's Day to you all~ Zeito here just decided to have an emo breakdown, sob, he's so emo. Well, bear with my possible lack of sense and grammatically horrible wording. Sorry. ^^;))


Bloody-Zeito's Profile Picture

"........................ Cry me a river........."

Zeito Shion, the quiet and truly mysterious side of Kaito.
He never speaks more than a phrase or a word.
He does not enjoy finishing sentences.
Zeito enjoys nature, and adores all kinds of art.
Avoiding all types of socialization is inevitable.
He will not take acts of kindness well,
for he will think it is only an act of pity.

In short, he doesn't care, or does he?
No one actually knows, it is probably for the best.
His emotions are forever tied under a mask.
And he will not get rid of it easily.
Secretly a sadomasochist, shhh, I didn't say that.

Name: Zeito Shion
Gender: Male
Birthday: July 30
Age: 20
Sexual Orientation: Unknown (Bi)
Likes: Nothing, or so he says.
Dislikes: Everything, he claims, especially his voice and singing.

RP account for vocaloidrp-da
Zeito was created by BloodyVocaloid

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shooting-with-grace Featured By Owner May 8, 2012
Luka grinned. "Hey Zeito." She simply greeted.
megurine--luki Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2012
ZatsuMi Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2012
Oh, lookie. We could be twins.~
//Tugs on his scarf playfully.//
Bloody-Zeito Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2012
Zeito rolled his eyes, obviously not amused by this. He pulled the scarf from her hands, it had been his for years, the tattered threads proved it. Not wanting to waste a breath with this girl, he simple turned away from her to not face her.
ZatsuMi Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2012
//Puffs out cheeks childishly.//
Hey, why the cold shoulder?
//Moves around him so she's facing him.//
Bloody-Zeito Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2012
Ugh, what is not to comprehend. "Hmph...", he slowly huffed as he was met with her face again. Well she wasn't the usual person. Resulting to the only thing he thought was adequate at the time, Zeito glared darkly into the female's eyes, expecting her to juts drop him off and leave once and for all. "Just go away...", he muttered silently as the man kept his glare steady.

(( I am so sorry I had to hide my comment, it was a pure RPing fail. I apologize. ||orz ))
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Bloody-Zeito Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2012
As his patience was slight thrown, he was forced to turn to her. Slightly thrown off at her personality, he just asked "What do you want...?", in a harsh tone.
SNOWwhiteNOISE Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012
    {Approaches cautiously, since this man looks scary.}

    Um. Hi.
Bloody-Zeito Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012
He looked at the small boy and glared. Not speaking he just stood there hands tight in his pocket, glaring at him.
SNOWwhiteNOISE Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012
    {Becomes extremely uncomfortable. This was the sort of confrontation he was afraid of. He nervously flicks his tail back and forth and looks down at his feet. Sen would want him to stay strong ...!}

    I-I'm Utatane Piko. Are you n-new?

    {Glances up at the man from behind his bangs.}
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